ECMSquared started life as a test install of ECM2, a recipe of installer packages and configuration scripts put together by George Szekely.

We took this base and refactored the entire database backend, SMTP system, logging systems and created a whole new beast.

In honor of that original heritage, our system is called ECMSquared.
If you are looking for a package that you can handle the install and management on our own, George's system is top notch.

ECMSquared is geared to those organizations that want a higher level of spam/virus control along with 100% web-based accessible logging and management.

ECMSquared was developed primarily as a replacement for the Eudora Internet Mail Server (EIMS) mail server that had served so well.
We developed a migration system to move all mail and domains/users from EIMS to ECMSquared.

Since it's introduction, we have migrated several organizations as they have outgrown EIMS and needed a solution with more administration capabilities.